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What is Civilian Guns llc?

Posted on 14th Apr 2017

Civilian Guns llc develops and manufactures products that people need. Our product development roster ranges from avionics, weapons, hardware, software applications, robotics, transportation and Artificial intelligence.

Arriving at our product work mandate,  is based on a process of gathering critical information and utilizing that information to access necessities that are missing in various market environments that when injected,  this over looked necessity could bring about a state of disruptive innovation. Which would then redefine the popular outlook of that particular market as well as other markets connected to it.  Our emphasis is to always focus on projects that will make a major difference in economies, ways of living and popular perception all across the globe. CG llc is not regional, we are a diverse global entity and we always focus on developing product lines that upon release will have a major global impact on every kind of individual that walks the face the earth.  

Our process of creating "Products that people Need" is based on the following


#1.  We are constantly researching and gathering social market analytics, we then thoroughly access that data  and arrive at certain conclusions of the overall demand for a particular product.

a. From the data collected and gathered we know what a market is missing and how many consumers within that or similar  markets will have high interest in purchasing a  product or utilizing a service that we develop, manufacture and offer to the public.

b. We analyze the detailed history of previous markets of similar products and from that history we  factor the time frame that it took for those products to become necessities. Our products will always be "systemic products"  which are products and services  that a mass of people use and feel  the "need" to utilize on a day to day basis.

#2. Before any product is actually built we copyright, patent, and legally register the initial idea. We do this to alleviate from the possibility of some other company or entity  coming along out of the blue and trying to create an identical or a similar product to ours. This insures that we can issue a "cease and assist" on any entity that is trying to do something similar to what we are doing that could interfere with the release of our product line.

#3.  All projects are based on a budget, before we even begin on the development of a product we thoroughly plot out where every dime from a projects budget will be spent from stages of development, manufacturing, marketing/promotion onto distribution. We also use the previously accessed data that was gathered before the project began to accurately predict future sales of the product. We know how many units will be sold in a certain period of time.

When it comes to capital we do not take unnecessary risks and gamble on markets that have no prior history or pattern of stable growth. When creating a product and selling a product or service accurate detail and timing are essential characteristics of that product becoming successful. The intelligent utilization of accurate, and verified critical information advises us of something that is at the top of every investors agenda, a profit on their investment.  Each project that we endeavor in is not only created to make a change or a better world , they are created for the primary purpose of keeping investors happy from investors seeing growth in revenues they invested with no decline.

There will always be a Need for products that people Need

Good products have a symbiotic relationship with human evolution, meaning people grow and become more intelligent and sophisticated from the creation of dynamic technologies. Good tech needs people as much a people need good tech. as long as Civilian Guns llc is around we will always make it a priority to contribute to human evolution by supplying humanity with products that stimulate and inspire the human mind into moving forward with confidence and optimism into the future.
Becoming an Investor in CG llc


If you are interested in becoming an investor/member of Civilian Guns LLC ?


We currently have 11 out of 12 board seats open. Each seat can be purchased back from a board member at anytime by the head of Civilian Guns LLC for the initial investment and interest , no seat can privately be sold by a board member and each seat is worth a % of the net worth company based on all investments and assets combined.  Investors own  shares of the companies revenues and profits earned from the moment and investor is accepted into our board.  Civilian Guns llc is a privately owned company, the only way that the above provisions of investment would be changed is if CG llc went public via CPO. Currently only private investors are qualified to inquire about joining the board no investment firms are permitted or will be entertained for consideration of  membership  to the slightest degree.